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Printer Memory
  Color LaserJet/Multifunction Memory
  Black LaserJet/Multifunction Memory
Why Add Memory to Your Printer?

Memory affects two aspects of your printing - quality and speed. Increasing your printer's memory will allow you to print better at higher resolutions. When you send a print job at a high resolution than your printer can't handle, your printer automatically just drops your print job's resolution down to a resolution that it can handle.

When you send out a print job, your printer buffers part of your print job before printing, and the more memory you have, the more of a job can buffered. A printer's throughput rate can be significantly increased with a simple and inexpensive memory upgrade.

Not Sure What Memory You Need?

Our highly trained technical staff is always available to assist you. Simply send us an email by using the link below. All you need to do is let us know what model machine you have and we can send you all of your options! Feel free to include any other questions you may have about adding memory to your machine.

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